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14. February 2015, 2 comments »

We are getting excited now!

With the building work well under way we are really starting to think about the coming summer.    With roads like the Nockalmstrasse on our doorstep the anticipation is rising.    It is also time that those summer bookings come in so to give you some idea of the treats in store for you in our […]

gasthoph pic use new window
14. January 2015, 1 comment »

Summer will be here soon

With the New Year celebrations behind us it’s time to turn our thoughts to next summer.   We have lots to do to get our place ready for the season, and as it is to be the last full season here for Ros & John we want to make it a memorable one.   In […]

27. October 2014, 3 comments »

Plus ca change…..

  The final signature is now on the contract, the deed is done, Gasthof Hochalmspitze will have new owners by this time next year.    Strange how something that started so quickly ended up taking so long.  When we decided that we had to start thinking about moving on, we had no idea that there […]

And then there were 4!
13. October 2014, 4 comments »

The Future is Bright….another big announcement!

    As many will know and others will have surmised, we recently came to the decision that, given our pending transition to pensionable age, we needed to start thinking about a proper retirement plan. In line with the adage” hope for the best but expect the worst” and knowing how long such things usually […]

9. August 2014, no comments so far »

We have a new booking system – Ein neues Buchungssystem!

A quick post to say that thanks to our wonderful webmaster, Achim, and the good folk at we now have a new working online booking system that offers a much wider range of booking options. Hope you all find it as easy to use as we have – feedback, as always, would be appreciated! […]

2. August 2014, no comments so far »

Our booking system is broken!

We have just discovered a serious fault in our on line booking system.  The availability check shows the correct info but if you try to book for next summer the system says there are no rooms available.  Whilst we would be delighted to be fully booked already for 2015 the fact is that apart from […]

Marketing tour 024

Autumn and Winter 2014-15 – why we won’t be opening for the snowy season!

   Can’t believe it really, but we are well over halfway through our summer season already and there are only 9 weeks left until we close up and have our well earned 10 day break in sunny Croatia! Then it will be back for the closing down and sorting out session – this year quite […]

Gowers' Towers Early Stages!

Autumn, Winter and Spring – time for some DIY! Free accommodation for volunteer helpers of course!

Things never stand still at the Gasthof! Already we are halfway through the summer season and starting to think about changes for next year. There are lots of plans afoot, which as yet are not finalised enough to share, but what we do know is that there will be quite a lot of re-furbishment going […]

Trip Advisor

Certificate of Excellence 2014

The more observant of you may have noticed the small addition to our website front page this week – our 2014 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. This award is especially pleasing because essentially it comes from you, our guests, who by posting your positive reviews add to our ‘rating’ as a place to stay in […]

Helmcam shot

Using a Helmcam or Dasboard camera in Austria – the up-to-date info!

We have had quite a few queries from friends and potential guests asking us about the current rumours in the biking press that Austria has banned the use of all video cameras mounted on, or used while driving, vehicles of all sorts, including motorbikes. Understandably there is a lot of concern when people are told […]

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