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From the NEC to Excel and only 4 weeks to go!

So #motorcyclelive is over for another year and thoughts must now turn to our next big adventure – our first appearance at the Outdoors Show at the Excel arena in London. But first a few thoughts about our 10 day stint at the NEC.

First and foremost, we had a great time! We met some great people and made good contacts with the folks at Kudu, Globebusters, Ride With Us, Two Wheel Trekkers and Redtread especially; looking forward to working alongside you all again next year guys! We had a lot of great helpers, Martin, Adele, Jane, Becky & Sam and Mike from Peak Rider and think everybody made a big contribution to our success. We LOVED seeing so many of our former guests – far too many to list here – and catching up on all their news. It was great to meet the Fb friends and Twitter followers who turned up too! But most important we were thrilled to meet so many more dedicated bikers who were up for riding our wonderful roads next year. We had over 500 entrants to our free draw and are looking forward to meeting our winner Chris O’Neill and the runner up, Bill Spinks, in 2011. And we are very excited about the number of confirmed bookings that have already come in.

As an overview we would say that although the poor weather conditions kept numbers down on the previous year, what was lacking in quantity was more than made up for by quality! From our solely selfish point of view we were busy most of the time and very busy a lot of the time with enquirers who were both knowledgeable and interested in what we offer. So the time flew by and we hardly got any time to see the rest of the Show! Instead we sent our helpers out (with the camera) and some of the results are here! Jane especially enjoyed her go with the GetOn team who had her off on 2 wheels in a very short space of time after some great instruction. She is a definite convert!

But time to move on now to our next venture – this time looking at attracting visitors who are interested in the Great Outdoors – walking, climbing, hiking, ice climbing, mountain biking, wintersports and all the rest. Of course that includes a lot of bikers too, so we are already expecting a few familiar faces!

The Outdoors Show, combined with the London Bike Show and the London Boat Show, are at the Excel in London from 13th to 16th January. We are on Stand AT434 and are looking forward to meeting a whole load of new and exciting friends. Also looking foward to seeing the legendary Robin Knox-Johnston among many other Outdoors heroes!

Outdoors Show Logo 2011                      London Bike Show Logo 2011                          One of my heroes!

We can also report that we have some cheap tickets available for anyone who is interested, plus for a lucky couple of you, 2 tickets absolutely free! All you need to do is send us an E Mail asking for info about the cheap tickets (£12 each or 2 for £22) and we will give the 13th enquirer the free tickets. How simple is that!

Look out for lots more info over the next few weeks!

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